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1400 Mount Fee Road

WVHS is currently working with Whistler Development Corp. to construct a three-story apartment building.  The $15 million employee housing project will provide 30 rental homes for Whistler employees.  Fifteen units will be rented to clients of Social Service Agencies and the other fifteen to Whistler’s Essential Service Workers. The estimated occupancy is July 1, 2024. Rents and the terms for tenancy are laid out in the RMOW’s Housing Agreement.  All tenants will be required to qualify as employees per the Housing Agreement – employed 30 hours per week for a qualified Whistler business. Essential Service Workers will need to qualify according to the listed professions in the Housing Agreement and clients of Social Service Agencies will be recommended directly by the agencies listed in the Housing Agreement.

WVHS is not ready to take tenancy applications.  The website release is the first step towards an online application process.  WVHS is a volunteer board and will not be maintaining a waitlist.  Tenants will be selected on a needs basis rather than first come first serve.

The new WVHS rental building at 1400 Mount Fee Road will be a 3-storey apartment building with secure underground parking for vehicles and bikes.  There are 18 one bedroom, 9 two bed/one bath and 3 two bed/two bath units for a total of thirty apartments.

WVHS thanks the RMOW for support by allowing Whistler’s first non-profit housing provider to build on the Cheakamus Crossing Phase II Legacy Lands.  Thanks also to Whistler Development Corp. for acting as the developer on a non-profit basis.  WVHS has received no other government financial support and has provided its own equity through financing of 2178 Sarajevo Dr.  The new building will be rented on a non-profit cost recovery basis.

Essential Service Worker
Social Service Client

1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom 



2 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom

$3,200 - $3,256

$2,800 - $2,849

2 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom



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Only Essential Workers listed in the Housing Agreement will be eligible.

Project Updates

2178 Sarajevo Drive

WVHS’s property on Sarajevo Drive is Whistler’s first purpose-built employee housing.  There are 20 units, all are three bedrooms.  These units have remained affordable and stable as they are operated on a non-profit basis.   Currently all are rented and there is very little turnover. We will not be accepting tenant applications for this property until there is a vacancy.  Due to the volunteer nature of our Board, we do not maintain a waitlist.